WaterFirst‘s Better World Project

Better World Project, a charity initiative jointly created by WaterFirst and TheWaterProject, aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to the residents of Ntuuma in Eastern Uganda, Africa.

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Better World Project- Interviewed by the product manager of WaterFirst


Where did the inspiration for the "Better World Project" initiative come from?

PM: The inspiration behind the Better World Project, a collaborative initiative between WaterFirst and TheWaterProject, stems from a fundamental belief that clean and safe water is a basic human right for everyone. We recognize the challenges related to water resources that communities around the world have faced or are currently facing, particularly in the eastern region of Uganda in Africa, where access to clean water is limited or even non-existent. Therefore, we felt compelled to take action and change this reality.

How does the WaterFirst team perceive this endeavor?

PM: When I shared the vision of a "Better World" with our team, their response was overwhelmingly positive. They all independently recognized the importance and urgency of this cause. Our team members expressed their enthusiasm to contribute their skills and resources to this noble mission. Witnessing their passion and dedication, I am confident that our team will make significant progress in this project, and my confidence is greatly inspired.

Why did WaterFirst choose to focus on water-related projects?

PM: Our original mission at WaterFirst was to enable affordable access to purification equipment for residents in the United States. However, as our business grew, we realized that our impact needed to reach beyond those boundaries. Understanding the water-related challenges faced worldwide, we aimed to expand our reach from the United States to areas like Uganda. Our ultimate vision is to purify lives, and we firmly believe that this vision can be achieved.

What drives your team to persist in this endeavor?

PM: First and foremost, it is the feedback we receive from the community, especially through videos showcasing their appreciation for our projects. Witnessing the joy and hope on the faces of children when they have access to clean water reinforces our belief that our efforts are worthwhile, strengthening our determination to continue striving toward our goals. Additionally, the transparency and authenticity demonstrated by TheWaterProject as a nonprofit organization, evident in the progress reports they provide, further motivates us to persevere.

Do you have any final thoughts to share with everyone?

PM: I want to emphasize that public welfare is the true home for any business. Behind commercial success, it is essential for enterprises to shoulder social responsibility, and give back to communities and the environment. While pursuing profitability, it is crucial to stay true to our initial purpose and not forget the impact we can have on improving people's lives. Whether it is supporting education, environmental protection, social welfare projects, or charitable endeavors, these initiatives reflect the mission and values of a business. They not only create positive social impact but also foster team unity and customer loyalty, providing our team with greater cohesion.


If you or your company's financial situation allows and shares the same vision as us, you can visit our company page on TheWaterProject website to support our efforts in Ntuuma, Uganda. WaterFirst -Company Page  on The Water Project