Weekly Review Gallery

Reviews from GoTechGeek and Jason Garber

Last week, our products, especially the evaporative humidifier, received some high-quality video reviews. Let's take a look together!



GoTechGeek provided an unboxing perspective of our product at the beginning of the video, showcasing the initial appearance of our product. 

He used a thermometer to test the temperature when our product is in operation in this scene.



At the end of the video, he also provided a detailed description and received high praise for our humidifier. We appreciate your recognition of our product!


Recently, this LH05 evaporative humidifier has gained widespread acclaim on Amazon for its excellent dispersion capability. Click here to visit our Amazon product page for more informatio




Here comes the review from Jason Garber of WaterFirst_Lamon Undersink RO System water filter. 


The first half of the video Garber shows the mechine and its accessories, and the second half shows the scene after he installed the machine at home.


Here you can see that our machine only takes up a small part of the space under the kitchen. Compared with other traditional undersink water filters, R1PRO takes less of the space.




About these 2 products, you can purchase them from our website or our Amazon store.


Both products are on sales now, early use and early enjoy them!

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